Become your strongest and most confident self with online coaching

  A personalized meal plan to reach your goals.

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You've tried countless different workouts and diets.

But eventually you always come unstuck.

What if you knew you couldn't fail?

The BIG problem with most fitness 'solutions' and personal trainers is that they don't provide any solutions for when real life gets in the way. It's their way, or no way. And if you don't get results, you'll get the blame for not being 'compliant' with their plan.

But more so than ever, our lives are filled with non-negotiable obligations: working long hours, looking after kids, running errands... and some things are simply more important than spending every waking minute at the gym (like having a social life).

Fortunately, you don't have to give up your life to lose weight and get healthy.

Here's the big secret: it's NOT your fault.

(and you're definitely not 'lazy')

Maybe you just don't have the energy to work out after a long day at work.

Maybe you simply don't have the time to spend hours in the gym every day working out.

Or maybe you just have a hard time sticking to a plan when it feels like it isn't working.

What if you had a completely customized workout plan built around your current lifestyle, factoring in the time and and equipment you have available?

What if you had somebody guiding you every step of the way, holding you accountable, answering any questions you might have, and refusing to let you fail?

What if you knew exactly what foods to eat, in what quantities, every day?

What if you could FINALLY break through and lose the weight, and wake up every day feeling happy, healthy and confident in your own skin?

If that sounds like something you need, then you're ready for our new and improved coaching program.

I have some specific needs, such as injuries or health conditions. Can I still participate?

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing we do is a comprehensive assessment in which you let us know about any specifc injuries or health conditions you have. If we don't have the necessary expertise to help you, we'll instantly refund 100% of your payment, and let you know who we think you should speak to instead.

Do I need any fitness equipment?

Nope! We'll build a fitness program around your current lifestyle and the equipment you have available - that's what makes us unique (but if you enjoy training at the gym, that's fine too).

How much of my time is this going to take up?

For your workouts, the bare minimum is 30 minutes, 3 times a week. If you're unwilling to dedicate just 1% of your week to reaching goals and getting healthy, our coaching program is NOT for you.

The reality is that getting truly life-changing results doesn't happen overnight. 3 months is enough time to guarantee that you will get noticable and impressive results. Plus, you can cancel at any time in the first 30 days and get 100% of your money back.

Why is there a 3 month minimum commitment?

Are there age limitations?

Yep! Simply let us know what diet you're following (vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free etc) and we'll get in touch with the nutrionists we work with to build your custom meal plan. We can even cater to specific tastes (don't like mushrooms - no problem!) 

What happens when my plan comes to an end?

Once you've been with us for 3 months , you decide whether you want to renew. Our goal is to give you the tools and expertise to live a happy and healthy life WITHOUT relying on us forever, but if you feel you still want help or have more to learn, you can continue with us.

Can I afford this?

At the end of the day that's a question you need to answer. We know from experience that coaching is the fastest and most effective way of getting results, but it's typically pretty expensive. A personal trainer in your local gym will usually cost somewhere between $50 to $100+ per hour. If you have just a couple of sessions per week that can add up extremely quickly. Online coaching, on the other hand, allows us to get you the same (usually better) results with round-the-clock support at a fraction of the cost.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our coaching program. The majority of our clients are ages 35-55, but we also have clients seeing success in their 60s and 70s. In other words, you're never too old to get in great shape and improve your health.

I follow a specific diet, can you still
build me a meal plan?


Fully customized workouts to get results, fast

We take proven principles and apply them to your current lifestyle to build a workout program that is both highly effective and easy to follow, no matter how short on time or equipment you are. If you want to exercise at home, we'll set you bodyweight workouts. Hotel gym? How about a dumbbell routine? Enjoy exercising at your local gym? Great, we'll build you routines that utilize a variety of gym equipment.

Laying the foundation: your comprehensive assessment

The first thing we do - before setting you any workouts - is a comprehensive assessment. This is necessary for us to understand your goals and build a program around your current lifestyle. We cover things like: your exercise history, the equipment you have available, your schedule and the amount of time you can dedicate to exercise, age, goals and any health conditions or injuries you might have. At this stage, if we don't think you're a PERFECT fit for our coaching service we'll refund your payment in full and let you know what we think you should do instead. Our goal is to help you get fit and healthy - not to take your money.

Master exercise technique with video demos and cues

If you want to maximize results and avoid injury, good exercise technique is crucial. Every exercise we assign to you comes with a video demonstration so you can see how it should look, and 'cues' explaining exactly how it should feel. You can review these ahead of time, or access them directly through the App during your workouts.

Done-for-you nutritional calculations and diet tracking

If you want to lose fat, get stronger and improve your overall health, your nutrition needs to be on point. That means consuming the right amount of calories and ratio of macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) based on your current weight. We work this out for you and re-run the calculations for you as your weight changes to ensure you never plateau. Next, we show you how to enter these numbers into MyFitnessPal and connect it to our training App so we can monitor your diet.

Exclusive access to our private coaching app

Your entire coaching experience is managed through our private coaching App, giving you instant access to your training program on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Here's how it works: we set workouts in your calendar, you check-in for them noting how many reps and sets you managed, and we give you feedback on your progress. The App also sends you reminders, tracks your progress over time, records your personal bests and features a messaging facility.

Support and accountability when you need it most

It's no secret that the hardest part about losing weight is staying motivated - and consistent - long-term. To ensure you stay on track we do two things: (1) Monitor your progress in real-time as you check in for workouts, and (2) Offer a 24-hour private messaging service via the App (it's kind of like texting), so you can message us at any time from any device. Unsure if you're doing an exercise right? We'll let you know. Feeling unmotivated? Drop us a note and we'll give you the encouragement you need to get back on track.

Ongoing adjustments to the plan based on your progress

Our training App monitors your progress week-to-week, recording stats like body measurements, how many workouts you have checked-in for, the weights you used (if any), and reps completed. You can look back at earlier weeks to see how far you've come, and we can keep your plan optmized by continually tweaking it as your weight and ability changes over time.

Most people believe there's a magic bullet out there that's going to help them get fit and healthy overnight, and that they just haven't found it yet.

But the truth is that consistently applying a few proven scientific principles is the real 'secret' to getting life-changing results, in as little time as 12 weeks.

So the way I see it, you have two options:

Option #1:

Continue trying to figure it all out yourself and praying for overnight success.

Option #2:

Let us build a tailor-made program for you and show you exactly what you need to do to lose weight and get healthy over the next 12 weeks (and beyond), while giving you the support and accountability to ensure you succeed.

Wondering how it works? Here's our exact step-by-step process:

I've been obsessed with helping people get fit and healthy since 2009, but in 2013 I left home to pursue my other passion; travel.

I quickly realized that the normal rules of health and fitness don't apply on the road. You can't eat the same healthy meals every day like you would at home. You can't always find a fully equipped gym to use. And supplements? Out of the question.

  To continue getting leaner, stronger and healthier, I needed to figure out how to take the proven scientific principles that had worked for myself and clients at home, and find a way to apply them to my new, far-from-ideal, set of circumstances.

And it turns out I wasn't the only one looking for a solution.

Since launching the blog almost 3 years ago, Travel Strong now reaches over a million readers each year; not just travelers, but also regular men and women who struggle to follow traditional fitness programs due to lack of time and motivation.

I've been fortunate to have personally helped thousands of people from around the world lose weight and lead a happy, healthy life. But enough about me...

Hi, I'm Will Owen and I created Travel Strong

Now I want to help you too.

Real People Around The World Getting Real Results

"As a nursing assistant working 60-70 hours a week, prioritising my own health and fitness goals has always been a challenge. But with workouts that I can do anytime, anywhere, I have lost 56lbs with Will's help. Not only have I reached my target weight, but Will has also helped me become a stronger, more confident person."

Josephine Cote

"As somebody who is constantly traveling, getting enough exercise has always proved extremely difficult. Will solved this problem for me by giving me a choice of workouts that I can do in any set of circumstances. Plus, his insightful tips and advice has accelerated my results. Now, I feel happier and healthier than ever!"

Lynn Eilerd Du Toit

"By following Will's advice, I have managed to maintain a very healthy and constant relationship with fitness. Will encourages people to do what they can with the time available to them, and the workouts he provides actually make me WANT to exercise. I feel so much better about myself both physically and mentally.  Thanks, Will!"

Jennifer Degenhart

Introducing Our New

Premium Coaching Service

30-Day, 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

It's simple: you can try out our coaching service for 30 days... 100% risk-free.

This isn't about feeling trapped; it's about finally believing that your body can change. If you don't feel like you are getting amazing value for money, all you have to do is let me know within the first 30 days and I'll happily refund your payment in full. No drama. No hassle.

So if you think there's even a slight chance that this can help you, you should join today...

... because you can try this out completely risk-free & decide if it's right for you over the next 30 days.

"Will's methods are proven and practical - providing fool-proof guidance for anybody looking to take their fitness to the next level. I highly recommend Will to anyone looking to change their lives for the better." - Charlie Romano, Founder of

No more guessing. We'll take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight and get healthy.

Ready to Lose Weight and Get Healthy?

We have three different plans available, with the minimum commitment being 3 months (why?). When you pay in full for any of the plans you will also receive all of the bonuses mentioned in the email (including lifetime access to the Member's Area). For added flexibility we also offer monthly payment options.

All plans come with a 30-day, hassle-free, money-back guarantee.


12 Months

$2388 (save 20%)


Get all the bonuses and the full coaching package for a one-time payment of:


6 Months

$1194 (save 10%)


Get all the bonuses and the full coaching package for a one-time payment of:


3 Months

no discount


Get all the bonuses and the full coaching package for a one-time payment of:

(I'll happily put you in touch with any of these people)

Your own meal plan built by a professional nutritionist

Based on the calorie and macronutrient calculations we run for you, you'll receive a personalized meal plan and shopping list built by a professional nutritionist. You can follow this meal plan exactly, or use it as a template if you want more freedom with your diet. We can cater to vegetarians, vegans, and those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten and lactose. Further, if there are any specific foods you simply do not like, we'll swap these out of the meal plan and find an alternative for you.

Meet your dedicated coach, Adam Jackson

Get into the best shape of your life in 90 days

Follow the plan we lay out for you, and we guarantee you'll get into the best shape of your life in 90 days.


Yep, in addition to your own tailor-made workouts, personalized meal plan, exclusive access to our App and everything else outlined above, you also get your very own dedicated coach.

Adam and I work together to design your program, and then he watches over you like a hawk (via the App) to hold you accountable and make sure you stay on track.

In short: Adam won't allow you to fail.

He's also on hand to answer your questions and provide encouragement via the messaging facility.

I can honestly say that I have met very few people as passionate as Adam about helping others live their lives to their fullest through good nutrition and smart exercise plans.

He's one of those people who just genuinely cares.

But perhaps most importantly, he also knows what he's talking about. Adam has been helping people transform their bodies and lives for over 3 years (both off and online), and has a degree in sports and exercise (BSc) from one of the top universities in the UK.

I don't know of anyone better to help you get into amazing shape and improve your health.

  1-on-1 support and accountability from your own coach.

 Fast, effective workouts built around your busy schedule.

  Exclusive access to our private coaching App.

Ready to become your strongest and most confident self?


If you're ready to invest at least 3 months to get a plan designed for your life and needs, then please hit the button below to begin your application. We'll be in touch via email within 24 hours. 

Ready to become your strongest and most confident self?


If you're ready to invest at least 3 months to get a plan designed for your life and needs, then please hit the button below to begin your application. We'll be in touch via email within 24 hours.